Pre Order & Free Poster

KPOPMART.COM, as leading KPOP CD and merchandise store, is proudly presenting preorder customers with free poster in hard tube case (delivery charge is additional). If you preorder newly released albums with ordinary albums then we combine them together with pre ordered item once stocks arrive in. Don’t miss amazing chance to collect your favorite idol poster in unfolded condition. You can also make a purchase official poster at $2 after album released. 

* Please be informed that offcial posters are hardly restocked once sold out.


What is LP?

To better support our customer satisfaction, is providing K-pop artist CDs at the lowest level of price on the planet for 1 month right after release date. Please be informed that LP status is only valid for 1 month after it release date and then price goes a little higher. Regarding bulk orders or group purchasing, you can enjoy further discount rate. Kindly contact us for more details. (



Hanteo Chart Family Shop proudly presents K-pop album sales toward Hanteo Chart daily basis so that sales reflects on weekly music chart such as SBS Ingigayo, KBS Music Bank, M Count and MBC Music Core. Please support your idol by purchasing your favorite K-pop albums at where you can count on. official banner also can be found at Hanteo Chart website. (