- Normally order is shipped out within 3~4 business days after payment accepted excluding weekend and holidays. It may be faster and later according to product stock status, manufacturing issues or any other reasons.

- If any issue related with the order such as changing delivery address, customer should send email to within 24 hours after payment accepted.

- Messages at the order page would be missed easily. Please do not send message through order page but send email to if any order issues. CS team will answer you within 1 ~ 24 hours.

- If any preorder item is included in the order, all the items will be shipped after the preorder item will be released.

- Shipping can be delayed for 1~2 weeks during busy seasons such as Korean holidays or Christmas & new year season.



Products are packed in bubble wraps and hard paper box basically. Small package has 2 kg limitation so products can be packed in several parcels. Box packing can be changed to bubble vinyl bag without notice according to product size and weight.


SHIPPING & TRACKING offers different shipping options to our customers, all of which are efficient and reliable. Shipping charge is based on weight and size of each item. And we have 3 kinds of shipping methods as below : 


1. EMS Premium (UPS)

UPS (EMS Premium) is the European market leader in global express distribution, logistics and international mail service. It takes 2 ~ 7 business days to deliver to other regions after dispatched (take more than 20 days to some areas sometimes). This is for the countries which are not covered by common EMS service.

2. EMS (International Express Mail)

EMS is served and managed by Korean Post service. It takes 2 ~ 7 business days to deliver to other regions after dispatched (take more than 20 days to some areas sometimes). Custom clearance and weekend are not included in delivery period. Delivery can be delayed during Christmas and New year season (for 2 months, Dec & Jan) and due to local postal service circumstance. Tracking for shipment is available from the next business day of shipping.


3. Small Packet Air Mail

Small packet means of small, light products or gifts. In terms of quality, the contents are the same as regular parcels, but it is classified as a type of letter-post item to for easy handling under definite conditions, and a special mail item of international mail. It may take 14 to 40 business days to deliver to other regions after dispatched. It may take longer due to the local postal service circumstances at the receiver's country and we are not responsible for any damage or lost during delivery process after shipped.




     EMS premium (UPS)     


    Small Packet Air mail     

        Delivery Time        

            2 ~ 7 Business Days                         2 ~ 7 Business Days                      14 ~ 40 Business Days          


Most Expensive Expensive Cheap

Maximum Weight

30 kg 20 ~ 30 kg

20 kg

* Small package has

2 kg limitation per parcel.



Tracking Your Goods

EMS Premium (UPS) or EMS offers a complete tracking of your goods. You can track your goods via EMS Premium or EMS at your national postal website as well. ( make sure that you should use the Korean EMS tracking site before the shipment would be arrived at your country.


Please make sure that small packet air mail is not traceable originally. There is no tracking number for the small package shipment. It is a common mail delivery by the local post office at your country.


EMS Premium (UPS)


Small Packet (Air mail)

Tracking Code




Not Available

Tracking Type

EMS Track

EMS Track

Not Available



Devided Shipments

Small package shipment can be packed separately into several parcels due to the weight limitation (2 kg) per one parcel according to Korean postal service policy. If total order weight would be over 2 kg, this order would be packed in 2 parcels. If over 4 kg, this order can be packed in 3 or more parcels. Delivery of each parcel may be different because of the local postal circumstance though they are under the same order.


Contact Number

Only 1 contact number would be mentioned on the shipment between Home and Mobile phone numbers due to system structure. Please put the same contact number to both Home and Mobile column or put just 1 contact number to Home or Mobile column.


Custom Tax

Product price at is including tax but sometimes the customs at destination country charges additional tax for the shipment. We always mention products as "gift" and low prices on custom declaration sheet attached on the package to avoid custom issues and customer can request to issue undervalued invoice if necessary (send email to after received shipment notification).

* Please note that we cannot invervene custom issues in other countries but just issue undervalued invoice to make shipment release easier.




Please do not input apartment or phone number at the additional information column of the shipping address during order process. Additional information is for just delivery tips, not the essential information. What you mentioned at this column would not be shown at the invoice, and it may not be reflected on the shipping address sticker attached on the shipment.




1. EMS Premium (UPS) and EMS

Please note that you must be present to receive your goods. Your local postal service will attempt to deliver them just twice and if they cannot contact to you, they will send it right back to us. On their first deliver attempt, they will leave you a message which informs you of your goods, however, sometimes these slips can be disappeared for various reasons. So, if you did not receive your goods within 7 days after our delivery notice, please track your goods via your local postal site. If you have trouble with locating your goods, please notify us immediately by email. Even though your goods are returned to us, we will not be liable to refund this cost. Delivery can be delayed during Christmas and New year season and delay is not compensated during this season (for 2 months, Dec & Jan).


2. Small Packet (Air)

In general, your goods will arrive within 3 ~ 4 weeks from the date of our shipment. However, sometimes it may take more than a month during peak season. We can request the official investigation to Korean postal services to trace the shipments if it is passed over 40 business days after shipped. If you would not receive the shipment after 40 business days from shipped date, please send order number to With your requirement, we will officially inquire Korean Postal Service to proceed official investigation. It may take a few weeks because it is non-traceabke shipment. After investigating and tracking, we will compensate you for the loss if the reason of loss is based on our fault. Otherwise we are not responsible for any missing or damage of the small package air mail caused by local postal service in your country.


Please note that delivery of small package may take more than 60 days due to local circumstances or natural disaster such as strike, heavy rain or snow, and many other reasons.




The registered mail service was closed from July 1st, 2013. It is not only because Korea Postal Service raised service charge up to 30% for global shipment but also tracking service is not provided well in many other countries. Even though customers select registered mail service, tracking is not available in most cases. So finally decided not to service “registered mail service” any further. We hope that you would understand this situation caused. But we will try our best to serve our customers as always we do.