Frequently Asked Questions

Korean National Holiday, Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving, Sep 28th ~ Oct 3rd) is returned.

All the companies and public institutions including Korea Postal Service are off during this season. Please find below shipping schedule and special voucher for sharing happiness of Chuseok.

* All are based on KST (Korea Standard Time).

1. Shipping Schedule

- Orders placed on/by Sep 24th ~ 25th : Will be shipped out on Sep 27th. (Preorders and part of orders for goods, accessories, etc. will be shipped out in order from Oct 4th).

- Orders placed on/after Sep 25th : Will be shipped out in order from Oct 4th.

* Most of the manufacturers and suppliers stopped supplying goods from Sep 20th already.
* Shipping schedule can be different from each order according to the postal service shipping schedule, product supply schedule and stock status.

2. CS

CS team and marketing div. will answer for emails during the holidays.

- Any inquiry and request sent to customer@kpopmart.com will be answered within 24 hours.

- It can take more time to answer at SNS pages.

3. Sullal Special Voucher

- Special Voucher : $2.00 USD voucher credit for 2,000 Users.

- Voucher Code : CHUSEOK2023

- Valid during the holidays (from Sep 27th, PM 20:00 to Oct 3rd, PM 23:59)


As part of our commitment to provide better service, we are pleased to announce that we are upgrading our computer processing system and renewal of homepage.

The new system will help the customers to enjoy shopping on a stable system environment, while enabling us to offer the most up-to-date products and services.

Kpopmart.com site may not be loaded or temporarily not connected according to countries and cyber-use environment.

For any error or issues after upgrade, please send email to customer@kpopmart.com and include description of errors you may encounter.

1. Site Renewal / System Maintenance

   DATE : 2023. 08. 15 (PM 21:00) ~ 08. 16 (AM 09:00) (KST) (can be extended according to the situation)

   • kpopmart.com : New & current shop page. The new items will be updated.
   • old.kpopmart.com : Old shop page. Customers can check previous order history and purchased products. No update after Aug 15th.
   • Customers can log in at both new and old sites with currect ID and Password.
   • The old site will be closed by the end of 2023 (can be extended according to the release of preorder items and shipping).

2. All the loyalty points owned/currently created are only available to use by Aug 15th 2023, PM 21:00. No longer available if not used by then.

   DUE : AUG. 15th. 2023 (PM 21:00) (KST)
   HOW : Customers can convert loyalty points to voucher credit and purchase products with voucher credit at kpopmart.com by the due date and time.

   • Loyalty Points : All the current loyalty points owned/newly created should be spent by 15th. Not transferred/reissued after the site renewal.
   • Voucher Code : All the voucher records and used/unused codes are available to check/use regardless of site renewal.

Undervalue is no longer available for EU countries.

Low value has been designated for the orders on custom declaration to avoid custom issues and support our customers but it is no longer available for EU countries in accordance with the revision of EU customs regulations (https://kpopmart.com/content/2-shipping).

EU customs asked senders/exporters to designate actual product price as custom value and they will request original invoice and proof of payment detail as evidence.

* For Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

* Shipping cost is not included in custom value unless customer ask it to be included separately.

* Kindly note that tax is not included in order amount and it should be paid by recipient if custom/import tax is charged at destination country.

Please send email to customer@kpopmart.com if further inquiry We will try more efforts to provide better price and service in further.

CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas / Natural Persons Register) is mandatory for all the shipments sent to Brazil.

– Customer should specify CPF number in “Company” or “Delivery Address” column (for Brazil only).

– Kpopmart is not responsible for package return or missed delivery due to lack of CPF number.

– Do not input CPF number or part of address or direction (apartment number, P.O Box number, phone number, etc) in additional information column. Additional information is for just for additional request to sender, not for delivery information.

What is tracking number of my order?

Tracking number is issued if purchased with K-Packet, EMS, EMS Premium, DHL and UPS shipping option after the package is dispatched. Shipment notification is emailed including tracking number as photos once package is dispatched then customer can check tracking number on the photo and trace shipment at each tracking sites.

- K-Packet, EMS, EMS Premium Tracking

  Korea Post : https://trace.epost.go.kr//xtts/tt/epost/ems/ems_eng.jsp

- DHL : www.dhl.com

- UPS : www.ups.com

- Small packet air mail is not traceable originally, means tracking number itself is not issued.

Do I have to pay custom tax?

It depends on the customs at destination country.

Customs investigate shipments at random and sender (Kpopmart) cannot intervene in custom issue in other countries. We put low prices on custom declaration sheet attached on the package to avoid custom issues. If custom tax is charged at destination country despite such an effort, it should be paid by recipient.

I ordered multiple items but received part of them.

Small packet and K-Packet have 2 kg limitation per parcel thus products can be sent in 2 or more parcels. Kpopmart send photos of package with shipment notification through email once dispatched thus customer can see how many parcels were sent for one's order from shipment notification mail. Delivery can be different from each parcel according to local postal service circumstance even though packages were shipped out on the the same date.

How can I know for shipping and delivery?

Kpopmart provides various shipping options and customer can check available shipping method for one's country during order process. Please check shipping policy for tracking and estimated delivery.

I chose non-traceable small package as shipping method and haven’t received my package after passed 40 business days.

Please send email to customer@kpopmart.com then CS team will issue investigation request via Korea Postal Service. It may take up to months due to airline's and destination postal service's noncooperation. Kpopmart issue investigation request for small packet shipment in good faith of customers but please be sure that Kpopmart is not responsible for any lost or damage of non-traceable shipment after dispatched.

How can I get my package back if it returned?

RSN (Returned Shipment Notification) will be emailed including photos if shipment will be back to Kpopmart. Customer can decide after received RSN if want to pay shipping fee for resending and get the shipment back or get refund after deducting initial shipping fee which was paid for sending the package at first. If "non-canceled item" is included in the order, it is not able to cancel but customer should pay shipping cost for resending and get the package back.

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