– DVDs sold globally are typically encoded to restrict their use to specific locations. That is, a DVD assigned a specific “Region Code” can only be played within the areas specified in that Region Code. DVD Region Code can usually be found on the back of the DVD package. Customer should check playable region for one’s country at the product page before purchase.

– DVD discs may be classified with the following Region Codes:


– Blu-ray Discs may be formatted with a specific Region Code intended to restrict the area of the world in which they can be played. Blu-ray Disc players manufactured for sale in a certain region may only play discs encoded for that region. However, some discs are produced without region coding, so they can be played on all Blu-ray devices.

– Blu-ray discs may be classified with the following Region Codes:


– Loyalty point is valid for 1 year after created thus customers should convert it to voucher credit and use the voucher credit within valid period. Not reissued once expired.

– Loyalty points is not able to be earned from some specific products such as light sticks, keyrings, official posters listed at POSTER category, etc.

– The currency should be matched with voucher code and order amount.

– Contact CS team (customer@kpopmart.com) if any issues. CS team will answer within 1 ~ 24 hours after receiving inquiries.

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