ONEWE 3rd Demo Album - STUDIO WE : Recording 3

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 ONEWE 3rd Demo Album - STUDIO WE : Recording #3

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 Kakao Entertainment





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Track list
1. 기어이 또 (Still Here)
2. 기어이 또 (Still Here) (Inst.)
3. 너의 우주는 (My First Universe Ver.) (CD only)
4. 우물 속 아이 (Ani Vibe Ver.) (CD only)
5. 잠결에서라도 너가 계속 흘렀으면 (210810) (CD only)
6. 시발점 (201007) (CD only)
7. 궤도 (Piano Ver.) (CD only)
8. 선물할게요 (One take Ver.) (CD only)

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