TONYMOLY - Vital Vita 12 Ampoule 30ml

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It has 6 types of ampoule, provide solution to you to solve different skin troubles.

Capacity : 30ml

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- With Liposome technique to capsulize the vitamin particles,

   effectively and quickly absorb by skin.

- It can be used in combination for better effect.

- Ampoule type:

#Moisture Ampoule: provides intensive moisturizing with Vita-B8 and 3 types

   of Hyaluronic Acid Complex to moisturize dry skin.

#Calming Ampoule: Provides intensive soothing with Vita-B5 and Madecassocide to

   moisturize and protect exhausted skin from extern aggressors.

#Synergy Ampoule: Whitens skin with Vita-C inducer and Niacinamide and provides

   anti-wrinkle care with Adenosine for a radiant finish.

#Brightening Ampoule: Brightens up dull skin with Vita-B12 and Niacinamide.

#Firming Ampoule: Adds elasticity to skin with Vita-A and Peptide for a firming finish.

#Poresol Ampoule: Provides balancing of skin moisture and pore control

   with Vita-H, AHA, BHA, PHA.

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