BANG YONGGUK Album Vol. 1 – BANGYONGGUK (Normal Edition)

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 BANG YONGGUK Album Vol. 1 – BANGYONGGUK   (Normal Edition)

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 Interpark INT (Korea)





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Track List

1 대화가 필요해 (I Need to Talk) 

2 히키코모리 (Hikikomori) 

3 모조리 (Hot and Cold) [ft. Sogumm] 

4 야해 (Ya) 

5 Holiday [ft. Paul Given] 

6 여행 (Journey) 

7 Portrait (Re-Mastered) 

8 Codex Gigas 

9 AM 4:44 (Re-Mastered) 

10 Xie Xie 

11 See you later 

12 대화가 필요해 (I Need to Talk) instrumental 

13 AM 4:44 instrumental 

14 Xie Xie REMIX [ft. Sway D, Liquor, LE] 


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