Fly to the Sky Album Vol. 10 – Fly High

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 Fly to the Sky Album Vol. 10 – Fly High

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Track list

1. Intro

2. 추억이 돼줘 고마워

3. Feel This Love (Feat. MFBTY)

4. 한편의 우리 (Fea. MIIII)

5. 폭풍속에 내 이름 불러주길

6. Day By Day (Song by 백아연)

7. Sea Of Love (Song by 에일리)

8. Missing You (Song by 길구봉구)

9. Outro10. 추억이 돼줘 고마워 (Inst.)

11. Day By Day (Inst.)

12. Sea Of Love (Inst.)

13. Missing You (Inst.)

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