(Sale) Golden Child Album Vol. 2 – Game Changer (Normal Edition) (Random)

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 Golden Child Album Vol. 2 – Game Changer

 (Normal Edition)

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 Kakao Entertainment





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Track list
1. Game Changer
2. Ra Pam Pam (타이틀)
3. Bottom Of The Ocean
4. 빵빠레
5. Singing In The Rain (Joo Chan & Bo Min)
6. GAME (TAG & Ji Beom)
7. Spell (주문을 걸어)
8. 창밖으로 우리가 흘러 (Dae Yeol Solo)
9. POPPIN’ (Y & Jang Jun)
10. 느낌적인 느낌 (Seung Min & Dong Hyun & Jae Hyun)
11. 난 알아요


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