Mint Paper Presents : Bright 3

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 Mint Paper Presents : Bright # 3

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01. bling [송나미 앤 리스폰스(Songnami n’ Response)] 

02. I Became A Fool [뷰티핸섬(BeautyHandsome)] 

03. 집앞에서 [오늘의라디오] 

04. 취향수집 [롱디(LONG:D)] 

05. 상처 [TUNE(튠) feat. 박솔(THE SOLUTIONS)] 

06. 집으로 [유근호] 

07. Television Now [Boys in the Kitchen(보이즈 인 더 키친)] 

08. 저녁이 올 때마다 [박준하] 

09. 조금씩 나아지고 있다고 [빌리어코스티(Bily Acoustie)] 

10. 조제 [호소(HoSo)] 

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