Miss Korea OST (MBC TV Drama)

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Every Single Day | J-MIN | Onew (SHINee) | Okdal (Dalmoon) | Kim Ba Da




 Miss Korea OST (MBC TV Drama)

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Track List

01. Moonlight (Sung by 온유 of SHINee) 

02. Take My Hands (Sung by Every Single Day) 

03. Hero (Sung by J-Min) 

04. New World (Sung by Every Single Day) 

05. 그럴 수 있잖아 (It’s Just Me) (Sung by 옥상달빛) 

06. Heartbreaker (with Every Single Day) (Sung by 김바다) 

07. Street Of Angels (Sung by Every Single Day) 

08. Boss Jung Sonatine (BGM) 

09. Cynical View (BGM) 

10. Drum Tension (BGM) 

11. El Topo (BGM) 

12. Hero Strings (BGM) 

13. Ironic Waltz (BGM) 

14. Long Live The Queen (BGM) 

15. Nostalgia (BGM) 

16. Pure Desire (BGM) 

17. Transience Of Life (BGM) 

18. Wait Alone (BGM) 

19. Warning (BGM) 

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