P-TYPE Album Vol. 5 – Hardboiled Café

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 P-TYPE Album Vol. 5 – Hardboiled Café

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Track list
01. Writer’s Profile
02. Intro (feat. 김현심, WRKMS)
03. Hardboiled Café (feat. 정인, FROM ALL TO HUMAN)
04. 깨끗하고 밝은 곳
05. The Picaresque
06. 안녕, 내 사랑 (feat. 르네, WRKMS)
07. 노인의 테마: 낚시 (feat. 최엘비)
08. The Simple Art of Rhyme (feat. KWAII)
09. For Sale, My Rhymes, Never Used (feat. JUSTHIS, DON MALIK)
10. MIC “The Hammer” (feat. Paloalto, Chin)
11. Lyricist Paradox (feat. DON MALIK)
12. Heavy Bass Saga (feat. 김오키)
13. 고양이과 남자
14. Moonlighting (feat. 서사무엘) (album ver.)
15. Big Sleep (feat. ILLINIT)
16. Kiss Me Deadly (feat. 김필)
17. 고양이는 아홉번 죽는다
18. 부정의 부정은 긍정 (feat. 버벌진트)
19. Outro (feat. 김현심)
20. 에필로그: 씬을 위한 오드 (feat. The Quiett, 서사무엘)


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